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Welcome to Sum Of Three!


  • Tired of exercising, dieting and still not losing weight?

  • Bored of training and supplementing and not gaining muscle?

  • Fed up with boring exercise routines that don't seem to have any impact on your fitness levels?

  • Confused with the diet and health advice in magazines and newspapers?

  • Have you already chosen your next diet craze for this month?


Need a helping hand? Sum Of Three is here to help:

-> crystal clear dietary advice and planning so you know what to eat and when

-> invigorating, endorphin-releasing exercise sessions where you see and feel results

-> motivating, inspiring and spurring you on to a new, better you!


For a free consultation or friendly discussion, call/text 07810 444378 or tweet/DM @Sum_Of_Three

Sum Of Three offers Personal Training services, Nutrition and Diet plans & Weight Loss support for people in North East London including Hackney, Islington, Waltham Forest, Wanstead, Leyton, Stoke Newington and the City of London. 


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