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At Feel Good Hypnotherapy, we understand that you probably have a few questions about Hypnosis and how it can help you achieve what you want it to. So, we’ve anticipated some of these and answered them below.


And of course, if you would like to know more about how we can help you, do contact us where we can answer any of your questions in more detail.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural and very normal state of mind in which the body experiences deep physical relaxation while the mind remains clear, alert, and focused. In this altered state of awareness, the subconscious mind becomes highly open to suggestion. Being in a trance is very relaxing. In fact, we all enter trance around every 90 minutes of every day. We normally call it 'day dreaming'.


It is a bit like when you are watching your favourite film, or reading an engrossing book, or even driving, in that you become totally focused on that one thing. Have you ever wondered how that 3 hour film 'flew by' or while driving you did not even notice the last 5 junctions of the motorway? In this case though, the focus is on relaxing both mentally and physically. You are able to hear everything that is said when you are in trance and you remain fully in control of your body and functions.

Does Hypnotherapy work?

Yes! Hypnotherapy works quickly and effectively. The reason is because they enable us to communicate directly with your subconsciuos mind, in a way other treatments do not. This is the part of our brain where all learning takes place. By visiting this FAQ page, we are assuming you want to either start some new behaviour, or stop doing something that is not working for you anymore. Hypnotherapy works as you will learn unconsciously how to achieve what you want to. There is only one main reason why Hypnosis would not work - that is if you don’t want to stop doing what you are doing!

Is hypnosis safe?

Absolutely. In fact, most people find it an incredibly relaxing and enjoyable experience. We are fully-insured and have hundreds of hours of professional training and experience.

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Any person of average intelligence and the ability to focus and concentrate can go into hypnosis. In fact, it is more about imagination and creativity than intelligence - the more creative your mind is, the more we can use your imagination to help you relax and overcome any issues.


The more you are able to concentrate, focus, and engage in the process, the easier it is for you to enter into a hypnotic state. No one can hypnotise you if you are determined you do not want to be hypnotised.

Is hypnosis a form of mind control?

Hypnosis is not mind control. All hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The hypnotist cannot make you do or say anything you ordinarily would not do. You always remain in control, and as such, you will not do anything that violates your personal morals, ethics, or values. Your mind will automatically reject any undesired suggestions.

How deep into a hynotic state will I go?

This depends in part upon the individual, how willing they are to enter the hypnotic state, and to what degree they are willing to “let go” and engage the process. How deep you go in hypnosis is not that important, except for instances where hypnosis is being used for analgesia or anesthesia for example, by way of medical referral.


The fact of the matter, which may come as a surprise, is that light hypnosis appears to work best for smoking cessation and a number of other issues. At the same time, the effective communication abilities and skills of the hypnotist play an important role. Some people are naturally able to enter a deeper hypnotic state (somnambulists), while others are capable of entering into deeper states, because they have experienced hypnosis in the past, practice yoga, or engage in meditation.

How long does it take?

This is completely dependent on the client and their situation. However at the outset, we want to reassure you we do not work 'by the hour' and there are no rude interruptions just as we are about to make a breakthrough. For a first session we normally set aside anything between 1-3 hours as we do not believe in rushing therapy; people take time to open up and we want to create a climate where you can relax without either of us looking at the clock. A second session will be between 1-2 hours, and sessions 3+ will generally take 60-90 minutes.


Using Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation, phobias, weight loss or public speaking/exam anxiety, we generally recommend 1-2 sessions. For more complex situations, where there is lots of therapy needed as well as hypnosis, for example low self esteem, relationship/family issues or anxiety and stress management, then we would recommend 3-5 sessions.


Please remember, we are all individuals and some people may take slightly longer to reach their goals. Often, if the goal is not as simple as stopping smoking for example, it may take 1-2 sessions to work together to identify and understand what your goals may be from therapy.

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