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Hypnotherapy is powerful for sports, athletes, business, and improving overall performance

If you are looking to improve your productivity at work, get that promotion, run a 5K faster or lift more weight in 2014, it is very likely you have already tried multiple other methods with varying success. You may have hired a business coach, a sports personal trainer, read self-improvement books, watched videos on YouTube, or talked to friends or colleagues.


At Feel Good Hypnotherapy, we have created a program for those who have achieved much in their life whether professionally or personally, but feel some limiting thoughts are still holding them back from achieving their true goals. For example, you know in your heart that you could manage a sales team but you always seem to be passed over for promotion. Or you are running very good times in a 5K but just cannot seem to break a certain barrier, however hard you try. Very often in these circumstances, it is our subconscious holding us back for a variety of reasons. There may be instances from your childhood (long forgotten) that might have embedded certain beliefs that you are not even aware of, or you may be self-sabotaging success due to a deep-seated fear of success that you are unaware of.


Our 5-session program* has been designed to help you in the following ways:


  • Understand and address your thought processes

  • Heal and learn to stop accepting them

  • Remove self-limiting beliefs, mental blocks and thoughts

  • Accept new empowering thoughts

  • Bring closer unity of body and mind

  • Unleash new creativity, drive, performance and productivity that was always within you


Hypnotherapy is very successful in this area because it deals with the unconscious part of your mind, which is where permanent change can take place. In the course of the therapy session, we will fully explore your behaviours, dig deep into you and get a full picture of your achievements as well as where you feel you could have done more. During the hypnotic trance, with the therapists’ guidance you can let yourself become more mentally and physically calm, serene and relaxed. By using hypnotherapy to build a foundation of calmness, we can use powerful suggestion and visualisation to remove those limiting beliefs/blocks. With a stronger foundation and awareness of yourself, and no negative self-talk or limiting beliefs, you can take greater control of your mind, your body and what you want to achieve.


When you are ready to remove barriers that may be holding you back and you are ready to make a transformational change for your body and mind, contact us for a free 15 minute chat so we can discuss how we might be able to help you, and answer any of your questions.


*Note: 5-sessions is a guide only and is an average. Please remember, we are all individuals and everyone will see therapeutic results at a different pace. Some people may see results sooner; any unused sessions will be refunded to you (or you can use them to make changes in other parts of your life). Others may need more than 5 sessions and so will need to purchase more.

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