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Hypnotherapy is very powerful for helping overcome insomnia and improve relaxation

If you are looking to improve your relaxation and sleep quality in 2014, it is very likely you have already tried multiple other methods with varying success, including various self-help books, help and support from the NHS, booking a massage, using medication, taking a hot bath or enjoying a mug of cocoa before bed.


At Feel Good Hypnotherapy, we completely understand the deep and profound effects that a lack of sleep and an inability to relax can have on an individual. Relaxation and sleep are so important to us, yet we never really stop and think about it, until we have problems and issues with it. Good quality sleep is crucial to our ability to function when awake, and there is constant research into how sleep affects us and what it does to the brain. Being able to relax and let go of tension is also very important in our lives, now that we live in an ‘always connected’ world. People think they can only relax when beside the beach for 2 weeks a year, but we know we can help relax the body and mind in short periods without the need for a holiday.


Without the ability to relax and have good quality sleep, any one or all of the following may occur:

  • The immune system can become compromised

  • Stress levels can increase

  • Anxiety and depression can increase

  • Productivity can decrease

  • Energy levels decrease

  • Focus, concentration and attention span start to decrease


Hypnotherapy is very successful in this area because it deals with the unconscious part of your mind, which is where permanent change can take place. Whether you have been exposed to a recent stressful event at work or in the family, or have found yourself struggling with a sleep condition for a long time, hypnotherapy can help. During the hypnotic trance, with the therapists’ guidance you can let yourself become more mentally and physically calm, serene and relaxed. We can also use this time in the trance to help cleanse the mind of any ‘static’ which is not being removed by sleep or relaxation. By using hypnotherapy to build a foundation of calmness, we can use strong and powerful suggestion to keep your levels of stimulation low, especially when attempting to fall asleep or returning to sleep after waking up. With a stronger foundation and awareness of yourself, you can choose how to respond to stressful/anxiety inducing events in the future by taking greater control of your mind, your body and what feelings are exposed when you are in these situations.


Hypnotherapy for relaxation and sleep will help you in many ways:

  • Reduce smoking, caffeine/alcohol, food and sugar cravings which you may have turned to for compensation for lack of sleep

  • Releasing tension and tightness in the body and mind

  • Increasing energy, focus and concentration

  • Preventing or avoiding the negative stress response when exposed to a stressful event

  • Owning and taking control of your response to a stressful/anxiety inducing event


When you are ready to confront your sleep or relaxation issue, when your motivation to take control of your sleep pattern is high and you are ready to make a transformational change for your body and mind, contact us for a free 15 minute chat so we can discuss how we might be able to help you, and answer any of your questions.

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