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Stressful situations include fear of public speaking, job interviews, air travel, exams, driving tests, phobias

We all encounter stressful situations during our life. Some of us are able to successfully overcome them over and over again and enjoy that particular challenge. Some people overcome challenges with varying degrees of success but say “I’m not doing that again”! And others never manage to overcome a specific challenge or situation, and let it eat away at us for many years. For people in the middle and last group, hypnotherapy is perfectly suited for you.


Of course, there are many hundreds of situations which can be classed as stressful, which are not listed here. Everybody is different and reacts differently to unique situations. The most important thing is, if it is stressful to you and causing anxiety, then help is available.


Hypnotherapy is very successful in all these areas because it deals with the unconscious part of your mind, which is where permanent change can take place. By combining an in-depth therapy session followed by hypnosis, we can identify potential triggers and sensitizing events that are leading to mental and physical behaviours that you are experiencing. We can then use powerful relaxation techniques with suggestion to turn that negative energy into positive energy and build a strong foundation of inner confidence and calmness, letting you choose how to respond to events in the future and allowing yourself to take greater control of your mind, your body and what feelings are exposed when you are in various situations. With some very specific situations, for example, public speaking or taking a driving test, we can incorporate visualisation into the treatment to further strengthen the mind and prepare it for success, not failure.


When you are ready to confront your issue, when your motivation to take control of your disruptive behaviour pattern is high and you are ready to make a transformational change for your body and mind, contact us for a free 15 minute chat so we can discuss how we might be able to help you, and answer any of your questions.

Feel Good Hypnotherapy is proud to offer specialist clinics focussing on stressful situations. When discussing stressful situations, we generally include:

  • Driving tests

  • Air travel / fear of aeroplanes

  • Taking tests and exams at school/college/university

  • Public speaking / Presentation

  • Job interviews

  • Bereavement

  • Divorce / End of a relationship

  • Loss of job

  • Change in financial status

  • Pregnancy (for men and women)

  • Phobias


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