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About Us


Lewis Tullett is the Founder & Clinical Director of Feel Good Hypnotherapy and is a fully-trained Hypnotherapist with over 200 hours of professional training and experience, as well as being a Personal Coach and Mentor.


He brings to his practice a wealth of experience from his business career where he worked in various pharmaceutical and healthcare sales, marketing and management consulting positions over 10 years. Having worked in very pressurised and stressful environments, Lewis is able to understand and help those who are struggling to handle modern-day life and who may have lost sight of their life goals.


After 10 years of a lifestyle which was not making him happy with what he was doing, he decided to make a life-changing decision and retrain as a hypnotherapist. Lewis has always been fascinated with the power of the mind, reading numerous books on the matter and always striving to learn more about it. He is also passionate about philosophy and the idea of choice in our lives, regularly reading existentialists such as Kierkegaard and Nietzsche. He demonstrated this choice in his life by leaving a successful career and diving into something he is endlessly curious and inquisitive about.


Utilising Clinical Hypnotherapy and Analytical Hypnotherapy, Lewis utilises and builds a therapeutic alliance with his clients, encouraging the client to be 'active' with him as a partner in the process. Lewis is proud to have trained in the Transforming TherapyTM technique at Hypnotherapy Training International, under the guidance of Dr. John Butler who has over 30 years experience and is a world-renowned advocate for hypnotherapy in medical applications.


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